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Laser Dumps Pacific Comm For Dicker Data As They Look For New Retailers In New Zealand

Sydney based distributor Laser who are a major supplier to Big W in Australia, has appointed Dicker Data to represent the Company in New Zealand where they are looking to grow market share after dumping incumbent Pacific Comm.

Chris Lau the CEO of Laser (Seen above) claims that is looking to looking to grow share in New Zealand and that a relationship with Dicker Data a share listed Company in Australia is a cost-effective solution that “makes sense” as the business chases down new retailers for their products.

The Company that sells accessories smart lighting and home management technology, said that as part of the new agreement, Dicker Data will be responsible for the sell-in of Lasers range of consumer portfolio, which they claim includes 800 products across 22 product categories.

Previously Laser had a relationship with Pacific Comm with no explanation given as to why they parted Company despite Laser already having relationships with the likes of The Warehouse Group, JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman, PB Tech and several other established retailers in New Zealand.

Under the Companies new agreement with Dicker Data the business is looking to bring on board new retail partners, while also introducing new sub-brands to existing retailers.

What’s not known is the value of Lasers business in New Zealand where they have operat4ed for several years.

Among the Laser brands are Smart Home, Navig8r, Tech4Pets, NRGVault and V-Fitness.

“With the cost of living a major issue across the globe, Laser’s ability to consistently deliver affordable, high quality consumer technology means that the time is right to focus on expansion in New Zealand alongside other markets, and we felt that Dicker Data was the best partner locally to bring our vision to life,” said Chris Lau, Managing Director, LASER.

Laser has been operating in the Australian market for 36 years with Lau claiming that the business will soon launch several new products.

The business has dedicated office in China where the bulk of their products are sourced.

What’s not known is how much the likes of Temu are impacting low-cost product suppliers such as Laser with research showing that Temu is stripping share from the likes of Big W, Target and Kmart who also source low-cost products from China with Temu offering three-day delivery in Australia.

A Laser Dab radio is currently selling at Big W for $49 while a similar portable radio with interchangeable speakers is selling for $35 at Temu with free shipping.

Laser products will be available to all of Dicker Data’s retail and commercial resellers from the end of June.