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Large OLED Panel Shortage Forecast For 2024, Possibly 2023

The increased demand for OLED televisions will eventually lead to a shortage of large OLED panels which will hit by 2024, warns UBI Research CEO Choong Hoon Yi.

Demand for large-sized OLED panels this year is expected to reach 7.2 million units, leaping to 10 million next year and 12 million in 2024. It is at this point that manufacturers will reach capacity.

The issue lies with LG Display, who is currently the sole supplier of the large-sized OLED panels. The company must expand its capacity, Yi explains.

Last January, LG Display indicated plans to expand its OLED production line from 2023, which may curb the shortage.

It may not be enough, though; Yi forecasts that if If Samsung Electronics were to start ordering large-sized OLED panels from LG Display, the shortage would hit in 2023, and LG would need to ramp up capacity starting from next year.


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