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Kohler Takes Voice-Controlled Bidet To CES

Kohler is bringing a different kind of tech to CES with its new PureWash E930 Bidet Seat, which transforms standard toilets into a smart toilet with Alexa or Google Assistant capabilities.

In a Growth Market Reports study, the global bidets market size is growing from USD $3.55 billion in 2022 and is projected to reach USD $5.95 billion by 2031.

The PureWash original retail is a little pricey at USD $2,149 but for now, it is not available in Australia.

For that price, the bidet seat is heated, opens and closes itself, has a self-cleaning mode with its built-in UV light and Kohler says that it “brings you the freshness of personal cleansing in a slim, low-profile design.” There is also the added bonus of a savings in less toilet paper usage, which is good for the pocketbook and also the environment.

With the use of Amazon and Google’s voice assistants, users can turn on a warm air dryer, use the bidet spray for front and rear wash modes, and ask for a UV cleaning.

There is also a remote control with two programmable presets and to ensure maximum rinsing while flushing, the bidet automatically mists the toilet bowl before use.

Most everything is adjustable on the bidet to the user’s preference including water temperature, water pressure, and alternating or pulsating sprays.

For parents, there is a “soft, gentle wash” option for children, and with the LED lighting, the seat can act as a nightlight. With Kohler’s “Quiet-Close” technology, your toilet will be safe from seat slamming.

The white PureWash E930 is available in the United States now on Kohler’s website but a new black colour is to be launched in February.

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