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Kogan, JB Hi Fi & Harvey Norman Outperform Amazon OZ

Despite multimillion dollar advertising campaigns and an untold amount of free media exposure, Amazon has not convinced Australians that they are the big online site to shop at.

A search of https://www.similarweb.com/website/amazon.com.au reveals that despite their big Amazon Prime push visitors to the Amazom.com.au site fell in August from 14M in July to 13.5M in August.

Only 81% of its traffic to the Amazon AU website is from Australia, this means that 10,935,000 of the 14M visitors are local.

However additional research reveals that of the Australians that go to Amazon.com.au, only a small portion of them are there to shop for products available from Amazon.com.au.

– 27% are there to stream video (2,952,450 visitors)

– 25% end up on Amazon US which does not ship to AU (2,733,750 visitors)

– 20% are there to listen to audio books (2,187,000 visitors)

– 7.5% are there to edit their marketplace listings (820,125 visitors)

This means only 20.5% of the traffic is there to shop for Products available for delivery from Amazon.com.au (2,241,675 visitors). This ranks them significantly below other leading Australian retailers like JB Hi-Fi, Kogan.com, Harvey Norman, Officeworks, etc.

One leading observer said, “While I’m sure they’re not working from a 10 month business plan, the initial performance hasn’t been market shattering like others predicted”.

Local retailers such as JB Hi Fi, Kogan and Harvey Norman have also revealed that the arrival of Amazon coupled with heavy marketing by Amazon has led to increased traffic to their own local web sites as consumers compare pricing and availability at “local known sites” Vs Amazon.com.au.

One operator in Australia told ChannelNews at the recent IFA Show in Berlin “These visitors have chosen to buy from a local known retailer Vs Amazon a big US online retailer who has “deliberately” denied Australians access to products from Amazon overseas sites as well a larger range of products that are often cheaper than the Australian Amazon web site”.