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Klipsch Celebrates 70th Anniversary With Heritage Headphone Range

Klipsch announced three new over-ear headphones at CES, continuing the company’s 70th anniversary celebrations.

The HP-1, HP-2 and HP-3 headphones utilise a semi-open design in a first for Klipsch, with high quality materials providing a premium look and feel.

“In a sea of plastic headphone options, Klipsch Heritage Headphones are crafted from machined metal, milled wood, and hand-selected full grain cow hide. Klipsch Heritage headphones deliver the style and legendary sound of Klipsch’s 70 year legacy,” said Steve Jain, VP and general manager, Klipsch.

According to Klipsch, the Heritage Headphones deliver “incredible performance in an artisan package” with the same craftsmanship and handmade attention to detail as the company’s other products.

The HP-1, HP-2 and HP-3 are all fitted with biocellulose drivers. Unlike most other headphones which use a “single thin sheet of plastic”, each construct uses free-edge diaphragms “like a true hi-fi speaker” producing high quality sound you’d typically find in a Klipsch loudpseaker.

The HP-1 Heritage Headphone model will be available in wired, wireless and noise-cancelling versions, while the HP-2 with 40mm drivers and the HP-3 with 52mm drivers will be wired only. Klipsch expects to release the Heritage Headphone range in the final quarter of 2017, with Australian details and availability not yet confirmed. Pricing in the US ranges from US$300-$1000.

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