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KEF Price Gouging Update

Earlier this week we published a story re KEF price gouging, one of the products out of over 30 we checked was not as overpriced as we stated.

In Australia, the KEF LS 50 Wireless speaker is retailing for $3,799. In Canada where the VAT Tax is only 5% the same product is retailing for $2,999 or A$3,022.

Add 5% VAT tax to the already existing 5% VAT tax and the difference is still over $600 for a sub $4,000 pair of wireless speakers.

The KEF LS 50 wireless speakers still must be connected via an Ethernet cable to deliver a Stereo pair whereas the Bluesound High Res speakers the Heos or Sonos speakers can be easily paired via a simple software app downloaded to a tablet or Smartphone.

Australian Retailer Pricing For KEF LS50 Wireless Speaker

KEF distributor Advance Audio pointed out the difference. They made no reference to several other KEF products that we exposed as being in cases, thousands of dollars more expensive in australia than overseas.