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Myer: We’re Strong on Appliances, Electronics “Challenged”

Myer: We

Myer is still going strong on the appliance front, despite yesterday’s results which indicated its ‘key’ categories were menswear, womenswear and cosmetics. 

But consumers are not getting their entertainment fix at Myer, which a spokesperson blamed on the absence of a new Apple product, and price deflation in TVs. 

However, customers are buying trendy lifestyle items like coffee machines and kitchen appliances which are getting more smart by the day. (Samsung are soon to launch Wi-Fi enabled appliances). 

“Our appliances category continued to perform strongly, particularly coffee machines and kitchen appliances, where fashion meets technology,” a Myer spokesperson told CN. 
“The overall entertainment category (including electrical) was challenged due to no new Apple product launch, cycling exit of music and DVDs, deflation in TVs.”
The department store yesterday reported a 0.5% sales rise in Q3 (to April 27) to $652.5 million compared to same quarter 2012, although remains cautious about the future outlook for retail. 

The best performing states were Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales.