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G4me On: Sennheiser ‘ZERO’ + ‘ONE’ Headsets

Both high end G4ME’s are designed for multi-player gaming, with acoustic sound and noise cancelling technology (Zero) and an ergonomic design made of velvet and leatherette cushioned XXL ear pads, and a mic. They will be available in Oz in December.

Sennheiser also announced a tech alliance with game developer Io-Interactive – creator of Hitman and Kane & Lynch, who have committed to using its audio technology for future game development. 
“Sennheiser takes pride in making sure that gamers get to hear the high-level of acoustic quality and details that the developers intended you to hear,” says Christian Ern, Director Product Management, Sennheiser.
“The incredible comfort and convenience of our new headsets means that there is virtually nothing between you and the game.” 
G4ME ONE RRP $369.95
The stunning XXL-sized G4ME ONE delivers hi-fi sound as game developers intended. One is good for long gaming sessions letting air through to help keep ears cool. There’s also a noise cancelling mic that mutes by raising the arm. 

The cool looking headset, has XXL velvet ear pads, a cushioned headband and is lightweight at 300g. 

The speakers have been optimised especially for PC gaming.  
G4ME ZERO  $399
G4ME ZERO – noise cancelling headset lets zero noise in or out. 
The XXL ear pads are made of tailored leatherette and double layered memory-foam. This Sennheiser headphone – its most quiet gaming headset ever- costs slightly more at RRP $399.

Zero draws on Sennheiser’s experience in creating pro headsets for aviation with layers of padding and foam that are shaped to shield the user from external sound and prevent sound from escaping.

Handily, the volume control is integrated on the right ear cup 
Zero is also mobile – its fold-able design is easy to collapse and carry in the supplied case. 

Io-Interactive are seeking authentic sound optimized exactly for its realistic gaming soundscapes, hence the partnership with the German audio kings, known for its exquisite sound quality. 
“Sennheiser equipment makes our games sound better – both for us and the gamer,” says Frans Galschit Quaade, Lead Sound Designer, Io-Interactive. 
“Not only are these great gaming headsets for both producing and playing games, but using Sennheiser equipment during development ensures a great and consistent audio experience all the way from the production to end consumer.”