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Forget Cables With Bosch’s Gardening Tools

Forget Cables With Bosch

The Bosch cordless grass trimmer retails for $220 and using its Lithium ion interchangeable battery, will trim up to a kilometer of grass on one charge. 

It also has a telescopic handle with pushbutton height adjustment and a switch to change over to the edging function.

The hedgecutter retails for $229 and is up to 30 per cent lighter than comparable tools so you can work above shoulder height for extended periods. The 15mm tooth spacing cuts medium to thick branches 
easily, while the ‘Anti-Block System’ prevents jamming of the tool. 

With its ergonomic softgrip design, the Bosch hedgecutter will be more comfortable to use. 

The Bosch ABL18li cordless leaf blower retails for $169 and will let you clean up your outdoor areas a bit easier because at 1.8 kilos, it is light to operate. It has an 18-volt interchangeable lithium-ion battery, giving it a maximum airflow of 210km per hour.  

For more information go to www.bosch-do-it.com.au