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Jack Dorsey Quits Twitter After ‘Backstabbing’ Claims

Jack Dorsey, the co-founder of former CEO of Twitter, has resigned from the company, stepping away from the board of directors, effective today.

Dorsey resigned as CEO in November, but has now severed all ties with the social media juggernaut he started. In his resignation letter to staff, he led that a company being “founder-led” is “severely limiting and a single point of failure.”

He also publicly backed Musk as new owner, tweeting: “Elon is the singular solution I trust.”

Twitter board member Jason Goldman slammed Dorsey in a Bloomberg interview, claiming he told Elon Musk he believed Twitter would perform better as a privately-held company.

“That to me is just a clear backstabbing of the board by the founder when they had a deal in hand to come to a standstill,” Goldman said.

“What was really going on in those conservations between Elon and Jack?”


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