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Sharp Cut 4K TV RRP (By $3K)

Sharp Cut 4K TV RRP (By $3K) Announced last month, Sharp priced its new 4K Ultra High Def 70″ TV at A$12,999 – several thousands more than 65″ 4K TV’s sold by LG, Samsung or Panasonic. 

But now, it seems to have had an epiphany and dropped the price by $3,000 to $9,999, a rep told CN. This marks more than a 25% price cut. 
Sharp told CN the price has been dropped “simply following a review of the market,” after last month confirming it would  ‘review’ pricing. 
Ultra High Definition TV’s (four times the res of a HDTV), known as ‘4K’ are not cheap, but have come down dramatically in price during the last 12 months. 

The US pricetag for the Sharp LC70UD1X TV, was also almost half the original Aussie RRP price at US$7499.   
The Sharp TV is the first THX-Certified 4K TV, ever, meaning it has undergone rigorous testing.  
The new pricing for the 70 inch 4K TV is effective today.