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Android ‘Vision’: Hisense 1080p Smart TVs $799

Android On sale today, Hisense K390 Vision TV’s are the only TVs in OZ to have Google’s tick of approval, powered by Android OS. 

Hisense Full HD Visions ranging in size from 40, 50, 55 and 65-inches, from $799 to $2100 for the 65″ screen.  
The quad-core GPU and a dual-core CPU engine makes the new Vision TVs super fast, says Andre Iannuzzi, Hisense Head of Marketing.
But the real beauty of this Smart TV is its integration with Android’s Google Play app store, and its huge library of content, as well as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other IPTV apps. The Smart TVs have 8GB memory onboard. 
When you buy a TV show or movie from Play you can watch it on any Android tablet, phone, and also on the TV.  Log-in to your Google account on the Vision TV, and access all your bookmarks from your Chrome browser. 

TVs from the likes of LG and Samsung have their own native eco systems and app stores so this Hisense TV is more ‘pure’ Google Android in ways. 
The Vision TVs are also easy to use if you’re familiar with the Android eco system, says Iannuzzi. 
Hisense’s new Smart TV replicates a touchscreen tablet or PC, via the air-mouse remote which works like a magic wand. 
The Bluetooth air-mouse remote activates the on-screen cursor to navigate down through menus. 
It also has Google Voice search, which recognises the Aussie accent, as well as catch-up TV apps including SBS on Demand. 
You can also multi task on screen – watch live TV and stream music simultaneously.
Iannuzzi says retailers have been super enthusiastic about the new Android TV, which explains to its recent channel expansion. 

“Hisense televisions are now available at over 80% of retailers across all of Australia, a feat possible by the growing interest of our dedicated retail channels searching for a unique consumer experience.” 

“Having a Google certified Smart TV establishes our commitment to an evolving and robust open source platform that consumers are or will soon be invested in.”
The K390 line-up is available at retailers including the majors JB HiFi, The Good Guys and Harvey Norman. 
Hisense are also set to make another a big mystery announcement next week.
More details of the Visions can be found at www.hisense.com.au