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Huawei Australia Reveal New CEO

Huawei Australia Reveal New CEO

Huawei Australia has announced the appointment of new CEO James Zhao, with outgoing boss Guo Fulin promoted to a regional role within Huawei. Zhao has been in the role since December. 

Fulin has headed up Huawei locally since 2009. The company, was controversially banned from working on NBN by the Australian Federal Government and is subject to a similar ban by US authorities, after being suspected of having links to the Chinese government

Consumer devices is now one of the key areas Zhao plans to focus on, and hopes to get as many of the new models announced at MWC sold here, a company spokesperson told CN. 

However, there has been no traction in Huawei, one of the worlds biggest telecom equipment suppliers, bid to gain NBN contracts. 

In an interview Zhao pledged to become more public and accelerate its marketing spend. “I’m paying attention to the end user and the subscribers. Because end users are the people and if the people like you then you can have more business.”

“It is a great privilege to take on the CEO role in Australia, a market of great strategic focus for Huawei Technologies,” he said in a statement, adding Huawei Australia has been a trailblazer for Huawei globally as the first country with a local Board of Directors. 

“I look forward to working with the local Board as we continue to grow our presence in the Australian market.” 

Under Guo stewardship, Huawei Australia has expanded to more than 700 staff and in 2012 saw revenues grow to A$368 million, from 200 staff and revenues of A$132 million.

Zhao joined Huawei in 2000 as a radio engineer, later working as a sales manager in China. In 2004, he was appointed Chief Operating Officer of Huawei Indonesia. Most recently, he was global account director for Bharti Airtel, a role which spanned 20 countries in India and Africa.

Huawei works with all of Australia’s major operators and 50% of Australians use one of their product for some part of their daily telecommunications needs.
Huawei Australia Chairman John Lord said: “Huawei’s corporate structure is a great example of ‘Western governance with Chinese characteristics’, and one of Huawei’s great strengths is the practice of rotating CEOs on fixed terms.”