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Italian Designed Olimpia Splendid Heaters Now In Oz

To keep you warm this winter, Olimpia Splendid has launched its range of Italian designed heaters in Australia, with its premium yet affordable line-up including fan heaters, ceramic heaters, and column heaters.

Caldo Relax Fan Heater (RRP: $59)

This 2000W fan heater can safely and effectively warm up your room, offering three heating levels to suit your needs. It can also be used as a standard fan for cooling during summer months. It is compact in size, spanning 265 x 223 x 135 mm, making it easy to store when not in use. The heater shuts off automatically when not in use.

Caldo Relax Fan

Caldostile D Ceramic Heater ($159)

Ceramic heaters are generally considered one of the safest space heaters, as they have the ability to shut off when they are accidentally tipped over. This 2000W model is equipped with a fan and has 90° oscillation, allowing it to effectively heat larger spaces. It also able to act has a fan only in warmer months.

Caldostile DT Ceramic Heater ($229)

This is the most powerful ceramic heater in the Olimpia Splendid range, with up to 2200W of power. It also has an LCD touch display, remote control, room and safety thermostat, and an anti-frost function.

Caldostile DT Ceramic Heater

Caldorad Column Heaters

Olimpia Splendid has three column heaters: the 1500W Caldorad 7 ($179); 2000W Caldorad 9 ($199); and the 2400W Caldorad 11 ($249). These radiators are designed to provide heat over long periods of time, with 24hr timers. They have an LCD display with a digital display that can be used to read and temperatures, timers and operation modes.

Caldorad Column Heaters

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