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Is New Chat GPT & Open Ai Boss Into Fantasy Sex & Power?

OpenAI, the owners of ChatGPT, like Optus, is in disarray after the business moved to dump cofounder Sam Altman, but now questions are being asked about his replacement Emmett Shear and his sexual preferences.

In Australia both businesses and individuals took to ChatGPT as their AI experiment platform.

Now nearly all of OpenAI’s employees have threatened to quit and follow ousted leader Sam Altman to work at the company’s biggest investor, Microsoft, unless the current board resigns, leaving the future of the high-profile artificial intelligence startup increasingly uncertain.

A deep dive online has thrown up some interesting past comments by the new boss of Open AI, who previously served as CEO of Twitch, where he engaged in discussions about rape fantasy statistics, sex and power, and The Game, a controversial pickup artistry book that popularized tactics like “negging” and “the cube technique.”On the old Twitter the 40-year-old Shear frequently mused at length about dating and how-to pick-up women.

“Receiving attention from an attractive woman, even if ultimately the date goes nowhere, is generally positive utility for a man,” he wrote last year in response to a now-deleted tweet.

“So, there’s an asymmetric payoff for the date itself. Most women are interested only if it will lead to a relationship eventually. Men are more willing to match, more willing to go on first dates, more willing to have casual sex, etc. Because of the payoff matrix,” Shear added.

It also emerged that Shear had read The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists, a book on seduction techniques written by Neil Strauss. “If you read The Game, it becomes clear it’s not really about the sex at all,” he tweeted last August.

Several months ago in May, he remarked that “women can get no-strings-attached hookups, men can get long term commitment.” And in August, Shear wrote: “Using gen ai to write pickup lines for the apps … call that shooting my zero-shot.” (It’s unclear whether this was a joke.)

Shear had not responded to a request for comment by Forbes Magazines and several other US media who are now questioning his appointment.

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