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iPhone X Has Green Line Display Problem

Apple has a new problem with owners of the super expensive iPhone X complaining of a green line appearing on their screen.

It was this time last week that Apple was forced to address a glitch that caused some iPhones to unexpectedly start auto-correcting the letter “i” to a capital “A” and a question mark.

According to several owners their shiny new devices are exhibiting a green vertical line on the right side of the display according to social media messages.

According to one Twitter user, who first experienced the issue earlier this week, the green line is ever-present and does not go away even when the device is restarted.

Regardless, the last thing anyone wants to experience after forking down $1,500+ for a new phone is a faulty device that requires a full-on replacement, especially given that iPhone X supply is still lagging demand.

This is not the only problem to plague the iPhone X. Earlier this month the auto correct issue emerged when people updated their phones to version 11.1 of the iOS operating system.

In a tweet, Apple said people could “fix it by installing the latest software update”. The update also addresses an issue with Siri.

The company has not explained what caused the problem.

The problem was highlighted last week when people trying to tweet messages such as “I got a new iPhone” found their posts were appearing as “A[?] got a new iPhone”.
At the time, Apple outlined a temporary fix for the problem on its website.

The fix involved editing the keyboard settings in iOS so that the right character, either an upper or lower case “i”, was used.

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