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iPhone “Snobs” Won’t Date Android Users

According to a new New York Post report, iPhone “snobs” are particular about dating other iPhone users, finding other smartphones owners, including Android devices, a “dating red-flag”.

For young millennial daters, it seems to come down to something as trivial as the colour of the text messages received. (What a time to be alive.)

Messages sent from iPhones are delivered in blue speech bubbles, while non-iPhone users deliver messages in a different colour, most commonly as bright green.

For iPhone users, this seems to be enough to end chasing a potential romantic relationship.

“If it’s not a blue message, I’m not going to bother flirting with you further,” Katie McDonough, Brooklyn resident and freelance designer, told The New York Post.

“I’m just like, why don’t you have an iPhone.”

Other reasons McDonough pointed to includes the fact that she finds texting with Android users limiting – citing not seeing the three dots to show when iPhone users are responding, the receipt confirmation that a message has been delivered, and the ability to react to messages with a “haha” or a heart emoji.

This flippancy might be a factor as to why, as another report from The New York Times highlighted, millennials are going on fewer dates, having less sex, and marrying later.

According to a 2018 market analysis by MBLM, while Android phones currently have a larger market share than iPhones, millennials feel a stronger emotional attachment to Apple products than any other brand.

The New York Post also spoke to West Village resident Jacob Landsman, an Android user, who said that he knows he might be judged for his choice of potential partners due to his choice of brand, though said if a potential partner felt this way, they he wouldn’t be attracted to them anyway.

“If someone wants to shame me for the kind of phone I have, they’re not worth dating anyway,” Landsman continued.

Grayson Earle, an adjunct professor at The New School, believes that Apple have purposely implemented the text colour scheme to create a stigma against Android users.

“I definitely think that it’s intended to create a false in-crowd thing. Android texts are designed to look less appealing on Apple’s iMessage,” Earle concluded.

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