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Garmin Introduces eTrex Touch 25, 35 and 35t To Oz Market

Garmin Introduces eTrex Touch 25, 35 and 35t To Oz MarketGarmin states the eTrex Touch series’ 2.6″ capacitative display is the largest display ever put on an eTrex device, with the series also featuring new activity profiles, designed for easy-to-use navigation for multiple activities and an enhanced track manager to start and stop recording.

The series, which are compatible with an array of mounts for use on bicycles, boats, ATVs and cars, also come with a worldwide shaded relief basemap, with the 35t coming with a preloaded TOPO Australia and New Zealand Lite, providing enhanced topographic detail.

Housed in a rugged, ergonomic design, designed to withstand the elements, the series is equipped with up to 16 hours battery life, and comes with a built-in high-sensitivity GPS receiver with GLONASS support and HotFix satellite prediction, with Garmin stating the series “is able to locate users’ position quickly and precisely, even in heavy cover and deep canyons”.

All units have a built-in 3-axis tilt-compensated electronic compass, providing directional information even when standing still, while the eTrex 35 and 35t also have a barometric altimeter to provide more accurate altitude, elevation and climb information, as well as indications of pending weather changes.

“The eTrex Touch series integrates a variety of new activity profiles,” Garmin states. “The device remembers how each profile is set up to each activity, and will set it up for users the same way every time, making it comfortable, quick and intuitive to use the same device for entirely different purposes.

“No matter if users are out rock climbing, hiking, hunting, cycling, geocaching or fishing, with an eTrex Touch, switching between activities is easier than ever, even if they’re done all in one afternoon.”

The 25 and 35 models come with 4 GB of internal memory, with the 35t coming with 8 GB of internal memory, with all models featuring a built-in microSD card slot.

The 35 and 35t incorporate wireless ANT+ connectivity to accessory sensors like heart rate monitors, can also act as a wireless remote control for the Virb line of action cameras, and can connect via Bluetooth to compatible smartphones.

The units are also compatible with the Garmin Connect mobile app for features such as LiveTrack, allowing users to pair their device with the app, inviting friends and family to follow their activity in real time.

“We are thrilled to add a set of touchscreen units to the eTrex lineup,” Matt DeMoss, Garmin Australasia general manager, commented. “With updates like the pinch-and-zoom touchscreen and new activity profiles, we’re excited to raise the bar of what’s available to consumers in the eTrex line.”

The eTrex Touch 25, 35 and 35t carry recommended retail prices of $349, $429 and $489, respectively.