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Huawei Banks On 5G For 2020 Sales Lift

[Image source: Evan Blass]

Chinese telco giant, Huawei, is banking on 5G technology to lift next-year revenue, despite being banned from the 5G network build of several countries including Australia.

US tensions and bans have reportedly triggered a $10 billion drop in Huawei’s 2019 smartphone revenue, however, is said to be less than expected.

The company has pledged to release the market’s most powerful and tech-heavy 5G phone this year (the Mate 30 Pro 5G), with commentators questioning its success without potential Google Android support.

Huawei Deputy Chairman, Ken Hu, states 5G roll-out is “accelerating”, though the company will need to “wait for a while” before it represents a sizeable portion of revenue.


Despite strained US-China tensions and cybersecurity allegations, Huawei claims it has secured over fifty 5G commercial contracts globally.

Speaking to The Economist, Founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei claims Huawei is open to selling its 5G tech to Western companies for a fee, in order to appease US concerns.

“If the proposal gets implemented it will on one hand support more competition in 5G across the global supply chain, and such competition is beneficial to consumers and users and also contributes to the industry itself,” Hu said to Reuters.

The new Huawei flagship smartphone is being heavily teased online, despite uncertainty over whether buyers will be able to use Google supported apps.

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