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HTC To Bring Edge Sense To Mid-Tier Market

New reports suggest that HTC is set to bring key features from its flagship U11 to its next mid-tier device.

Reports on Twitter claim that the device, code-named Ocean Life, will bring HTC’s Edge Sense, USonic and Sense Companion to the mid-tier crowd.

Spec-wise, it’s said to boast a Snapdragon 660, a 5.2-inch display and matching set of 16-megapixel cameras.


If true, these software and hardware additions could make the new device a formidable option against the Chinese brands that have seized on the mid-tier market in recent years. Edge Sense, in particular, could prove a key point of difference between it and rivals.

Edge Sense allows users to squeeze and apply pressure sensors built into the sides of a handset, opening up new avenues of control more convenient than on-screen interfaces. Squeezing to take a selfie, for example.

As with any product in the tech world, how the potential new device is marketed will likely prove key. HTC relaunched their core line of smartphones this year under the “HTC U” brand refresh.

However, they’ve yet to indicate whether or not their HTC Desire and HTC One series will receive the same treatment.

Expect a confirmation – one way or the other – when and if Ocean Life receives an official announcement later this year.

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