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HTC Records Its Best Result In Seven Months

HTC reported its financial results for June, and despite still being in decline on the YoY scale, the struggling manufacturer has recorded $44 million in revenue – the highest in the past seven months.

The Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer also announced its revenue for the six-month period to be $1.84 billion and revealed that a quarter of that number was made in the last month alone.

The company had earlier in May recorded a 26.7 per cent increase in consolidated sales from the previous month to $24 million.

While these figures are up 94 per cent on month, it is still down 34 per cent on year, though this number is the lowest it’s been since January 2018.

The last time HTC had a YoY increase was in June 2017, back when the HTC U11 was released.

In terms of the total revenue for the first half of the year, HTC saw a 63 per cent decrease from the same period last year.

According to DigiTimes, the growth can be mostly attributed to the launch of the HTC U119E and Desire 19 Plus smartphones, which are both currently not available in Australia.

Analysts predict HTC will continue to surge in the coming months with the release of the new smartphones.

Although, analysts still expect to see an operating loss of $100 million or more next month when the company shares its final Q2 numbers.

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