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HTC Prep One A9s For IFA Debut

HTC are said to be preparing their follow-up to last year’s HTC One A9 for launch at this week’s IFA Conference in Berlin.

The device, said to be called the HTC One A9s, is expected to continue the aesthetic traditions of the range almost exactly.

Like the original A9, the A9s is said to feature an iPhone-inspired metal frame, feature a five-inch screen and be available in three color variations.

Design changes look to have been kept to a minimum with some minor repositioning for the camera and associated sensors. The camera on the front of the device looks to have been bumped up to 5-megapixels.

Expect a full unveiling and detailing of the A9s, including price and specs, during HTC’s pre-IFA conference on the 1st of September.

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