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How To Turn an Excellent $777 55″ Aldi 4K UHD TV Into a Top End Streaming TV For $59

There are two types of Ultra High Definition TV’s, there are those that cost an arm and a leg and are priced up to $1,900 for a 55″ inch plus model, or there are those like the Aldi model which is a seriously good 4K UHD TV for sub $800.

The Sony Bravia X8000C Series 55″ 4K Ultra HD LED LCD Smart TV retails at Harvey Norman for $1,268, while the LG 55″ 4K Ultra HD LED LCD 3D Capable Smart TV is selling for $1,995 both have similar specifications to the Aldi Bauhn 4K UHD TV.

Ironically a lot of the 55″ TV’s come off the same production lines and out of the same factories as the $777 Aldi 55″ TV that went on sale in Australia last week.

Resolution on the Aldi TV is 3840 x 2160, it has a built in HD tuner and within minutes of booting up this TV we were able to watch 4K movies on YouTube, we did this by simply going to the Smart TV function and instantly accessing YouTube. 
For those who want to access the Netflix 4K content which is some of the best UHD content available in Australia today I strongly recommend that you fork out $59 for a Chromecast dongle.
All you have to then do is plug the Chromecast USB into your TV. 
Switch your TV to the right HDMI input, then Download the Google Chromecast application on your mobile or desktop device and follow the setup instructions. Have a look on the TV, you should see matching codes on your TV and mobile device. 
The beauty of getting Netflix via an Android or iOS mobile device is that your phone or tablet becomes your television remote control when watching Netflix content on you $777 Aldi TV. 
With the Bauhn Aldi TV you can share media files via a DLNA-Enabled media PC, smart phone or tablet on the TVARC.
Using HDMI 1.4 Audio Return Channel function, you can now send TV sound back to an AV receiver without using additional cables.
You can also easily record favourite TV program via the built in PVR. 
A smart way to use this TV is to connect a 1 terabyte drive and then you can record hours of your favourite programs. 
There is also Catch Up TV which means that if you’ve missed an episode of your favourite show you can watch back full shows for free, this service is dependent on what part of Australia you live in. 
Built in Screen Mirroring allows you to access high definition videos, music and images from your phone or tablet without the need for cables.
This TV delivers value for money. Screen resolution is good and by adding a Chromecast you are able to not only access excellent 4K UHD content you can also access a lot of the services found on top end TV’s.


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