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House of Marley Launch Sleek Over Ear Headphones

House of Marley has given its Postive Vibrations headphones a sleek makeover with massive feature improvements to the over-ear design.

The Positive Vibration XL over-ear headphones are ready for pre-order today at House of Marley’s website and Amazon for $149.95 and will be made available on 2 December in either black or blue.

House of Marley aim was to enhance its headphone line up with a modern, true over-ear design, resulting in the Positive Vibration XL.

It comes after the release of House of Marley’s first wireless noise-cancelling headphones which ChannelNews covered last week, heralded as it’s most elite headphone to date.

The high performing over-ear headphones focus on the premium Marley Materialisation style and finish, while also encompassing portability, acoustic performance, superior comfort and 24-hour battery life.

Fortunately, a braided aux cable has been included for when you’re out of juice, though with fast-charging delivering fours of playback in just 10 minutes, you won’t be hard-wired for too long.

Two 50mm Hi-Definition drivers are backed by Bluetooth 5.0 wireless technology for wire-free audio playback of the Marley “Signature Sound” of deep bass clear, clear mids, and crisp highs.

Memory phone ear cushions ensure comfort over extended listening periods, and its convenient folding design allows for convenient portability and storing away.

On-ear controls provide access to the voice controls and audio playback through a three-button remote.

House of Marley Director of Product Development, Josh Poulsen explained the company is able to produce affordable premium headphones while still ‘doing it with responsibly sourced materials’.

‘Our sustainably-minded customers have made the PV series a fan favourite for its stylish design, comfort, value, and portability. ‘


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