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Hollywood At Home

Hollywood At Home

There’s no better way to usher in a New Year than kicking back and watching the latest Hollywood blockbuster in cinema quality using BenQ’s premium grade W2000 video projector.

The W2000 easily reaches the Rec709 internationally recognized standard for high-definition colour reproduction thanks to the employment of an expensive and decidedly ultra hi-tech 6X RGBRGB color wheel with precision-tuned coating and color segments to replicate the most natural of colours, tones and hues.

No strangers to the BenQ way of beaming life size video images in our family living room thanks to a couple of existing BenQ projectors, all the same the arrival of a new model makes us wonder how good much video quality can improve, model to model.

Anyone that tells you there’s little progress in audio video gear needs a rethink. The compact W2000 was visibly superior to our projector purchased in 2014.

So was use and installation. We were downloading and watching the Revenant within minutes of unboxing the W2000.

All it took to get high definition video images was to unpack the W2000, plug in our broadband cable, set the projector on an Ottoman and point it towards our wall mounted 16:9 movie screen.

It’s that easy.

In use the W2000 was whisper quiet. Which along with crystal clear images laced with eye-pleasing colours are the non-negotiable video projector features most people should put in their bucket list.

The W2000 is a short throw model that makes it ideal for use in compact apartments and medium sized rooms. From a distance of about two and a half metres the W2000 threw a 100-inch image on our screen.

Aligning the projector to the screen on the wall is simple thanks to a lens shift dial neatly tucked away behind a panel built into the projector. Adjustable feet completed the tack in minutes.

Connections include a couple of HDMI that we used to link a Blu-ray player and a PlayStation 4 games console to the W2000.

But there is also a 3.6 mm audio output connection for feeding sound out of the W2000. Included are an RS232 port and a handy 12v trigger to turn on surround sound receivers, for example at the same time as the projector. For those planning to use the W2000 as a standalone unit, its built-in 20-watt speaker works OK but isn’t close to the sound you’ll heat if you make the W2000 the centerpiece of a multi channel home cinema system.

Do this and the W2000 will deliver scads of picture detail with deep blacks and a range of natural colours that are hard to beat at this price.

All in all, BenQ has unveiled another winner.


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