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Hisense Secure Canstar Award For High-End Fridge

Hisense have secured the 2016 Canstar Blue award for “Most Satisfied Customers” in the refrigerators category despite it being the company’s first year of eligibility for the award.

The award bodes well for the company’s emerging reputation as a key player in the Australian home appliance market. 

Andre Iannuzzi, Head of Marketing at Hisense Australia says the award speaks to the brand’s determination to provide consumers with a range of premium quality products.

“We’re very pleased to be number one in Customer Satisfaction as it reflects the many things we’ve been doing across the business,” said Mr Iannuzzi.  

He described it as “testimony that Hisense consumers are getting an expertly engineered appliance, at an affordable price – from our compact Bar Fridges, all the way up to our top-of-the-line French Door Refrigerators.”

Canstar Blue was similarly enthusiastic about Hisense’s achievement.

“Australian consumers expect reliability, good internal layouts and quality fittings from their refrigerators, and Hisense is clearly meeting these expectations, while also scoring five stars on value for money. In an extremely tough marketplace, Hisense is making its presence felt and Aussie consumers are happy with what they’re seeing,” said Head of Canstar Blue Megan Doyle.

Hisense shared this year’s award with LG.

Brad Reed, Senior Marketing Manager, Home Appliances at LG Australia, said: “It’s extremely pleasing to again receive this recognition from Canstar Blue, as we have been working very hard to align our products with the specific needs of the Australian market and bring forward our brand commitment to technology innovation through our refrigerators. We demonstrate this through our pioneering features, which this year includes new advances to our line of refrigerators such as triple filtration water dispensers, built-in Bluetooth soundbars and dual Door-in-Door configurations.”
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