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Hisense Moves To ‘Minimialist” TV’s, Attempt To Gough More Profits Out Of Consumers

Hisense who are desperate to not be seen as a Chinese TV Company, as furore over devices with built spying technology are exposed, has released a ‘Minimalistic range of what they describe as a  ‘Designer Collection” of TV’s in the hope that they can lift the average selling price of their TV’s in Australia.

Hisense want you to pay more because the back of their new ‘Minimilist’ TV which in most cases faces a wall is white.

The all-white range of 4K televisions come in three sizes, 65-inch, 55-inch and 43-inch.

Only available through select Harvey Norman stores, the Hisense offering is an attempt to take on both LG and Samsung who sell unique designer OLED TV’s and with Samsung their Frame TV.

Under the bonnet is the normal 4K technology Ultra Local Dimming, wide colour gamut, HDR Plus, the VIDAA U 2.5 a Smart TV platform along with a 200Hz Smooth Motion Rate technology.

This is the same technology found in Hitachi and Philips TV’s being at JB Hi Fi and The Good Guys which are selling for up to 50% less than the Hisense TV’s which are selling for $2,999 (65-inch), $1,999 (55-inch) and $1,099 (43-inch).

The Chinese Company who spent several years discounting out their products to deliver volume has this year lifted prices significantly in an effort to gouge profits out of their TV range.

“We’re proud to partner with Harvey Norman,…together, we’ve created a range that we think will resonate well with consumers around the country. ” said Andre Iannuzzi, Head of Marketing at Hisense Australia.

“The result is a minimalist television.” he added.

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