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Myer Now Selling Philips TV’s

Myer Now Selling Philips TV

The department store who for several years was the #1 retailer of Philips CRT TV’s and was the store that was used to launch Philips entry into the flat panel CRT TV market, which was before the advent of flat panel TV’s that are being sold today, is ranging several Philips models. 

They include the Philips 32PHH5129/79, the 42PFH5129/79, the 50PFH5129/79 the 42PFL5008D/79 and the 50PFL5008D/79 which recently got a 5/5 review with SmartHouse due to its smart TV, networking and high quality display in a budget TV.  

The new Philips top end TV range which will be sold at Myer is set to be launched in September in Australia, it includes some of Europe’s most popular TV’s. 

John Milonas TV Category Buyer at Myer said that the new Philips TV range which only went on sale recently at Myer stores after initially only going to be sold by Harvey Norman stores is already proving to be a “popular” TV.

He said that the new Philips attach Wireless Fidelio Sound System which is distributed by Powermove is proving popular and that the E5 Fidelio upright speakers were already on “backorder” 

Milonas said that Myer had been a long time seller of Philips TV’s and that he was confident that as the range is expanded it will prove even more popular up against Korean and Japanese TV models. 

He claimed that despite 4K TV’s being launched in Australia the demand was primarily for Full HD LED TV’s. “We are selling a lot of Full HD TV’s as the consumers is happy with the quality, price and features”. 

When asked about 4K TV he said “We still don’t have a standard for 4K and even among TV vendors we have several different 4K standards which could cause a problem in the future. We need to have a standard adopted so that we can deliver consumer confidence when they do buy a 4K TV”.