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Powermove Nabs Philips Headphones

Powermove Nabs Philips Headphones A day after being dropped by Crest, Philips headphones is picked up by Powermove in Australia.  

Powermove has announced it is the new authorised Philips Headphones distributor for WOOX Innovations, a subsidiary of Royal Philips N.V., effective from 1 January. 

Yesterday, Crest announced their expansion plan for 2014, which included dropping Philips headphones and taking on Ballistic mobile accessories, and other yet unrevealed brands. 
Powermove is already the distributor for other Philips products including audio, home video products, and Hue lighting since 2009, as well as high end brands like Klipsch, Logic 3 and Soul. 
A spokesperson would not confirm if there’s a new Philips headphone range in the pipeline for 2014. 
“The addition of the headphones category further strengthens the relationship between Powermove and the Philips brand. We are excited to reinforce our partnership with WOOX Innovations,” said Crawford Giles, Director of Powermove Distribution.
“Having this extended range of product taken to market through the one distributor will allow for a more concise marketing strategy and increased ease of doing business for our retail partners.”  
“Philips has guided consumers through every major innovation in sound since the company produced its first radio valve in 1923.” 
Philips has been responsible for several audio breakthroughs including the compact cassette recorder, CD, DVD and Blu-ray, although is not as big a player in these fields as it once was.