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Harvey Norman & Optus Dump Oppo

As Australians turn on, or off Chinese brands it appears Optus via their partnership with Harvey Norman have moved to dump the top end Oppo 5G smartphone from their range.

Launched with much fanfare by the Chinese Company who also own the Realme brand the Oppo Reno 5G smartphone is apparently a “fizzer” according to sources with Harvey Norman who partner with Optus, discounting the product down to just $599 in a massive clearance sale.

JB Hi Fi who partner with Telstra is still ranging the same device at $1,499.

According to carrier sources “very few people” looking for a 5G smartphone are investing in a Chinese made and Chinese owned smartphone following real security concerns over Chinese Company Huawei’s 5G products.

According to research Companies consumers not only trust but they are buying the Samsung branded smartphones with the Korean Company set to launch tomorrow a mid-range 5G smartphone.

Oppo has not guaranteed data from their devices would not be shared with Beijing if its government demanded.

The issue follows accusations of espionage against fellow Chinese electronics maker Huawei and controversy over concerns the Chinese government can order companies to hand over information.

Last August the Australian government banned Chinese firms supplying equipment to build 5G networks, a move that hit Huawei hardest because it is a leading 5G equipment vendor, supplying Optus, Vodafone and TPG in Australia.

This week in retaliation to the Federal Government insisting on the need for an independent investigation into the Outbreak of COVID-19 the Chinese Communist Government has slapped an 80% tariff on Australian Barley while banning the shipment of Australian meat.

Their handling and intimidating behaviour towards the call for an investigation into COVID-19 has damaged its standing among Australians and nearly 70 per cent of respondents told a leading think tank The Lowy Institute, they have less favourable views of the country’s governance in the wake of the pandemic.

Currently social media is awash with Australians demanding to know where they can buy non-Chinese products especially products from Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, Europe, USA and New Zealand.

Oppo who are known for “Buying” reviews by rewarding reviewers in Australia with trips and free gifts has recently taken to syndicating praise for their products as well as Realme products made by BBK the same Company that owns Oppo.


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