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Harvey Norman Back Selling Legit Revo Glider Hoverboards

Harvey Norman Back Selling Legit Revo Glider Hoverboards

Harvey Norman will on Tuesday, be one of the only retailers in Australia offering a legitimate approved Revo Glider hoverboard for sale, after the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and the Minister for Small Business moved to ban several hoverboards from sale in Australian stores for 60 days from March 19th.

The move by the Minister for Small Business Kelly O Dwyer was made before legitimate distributors of hoverboards such as Kaiser Baas were given an opportunity to present their credentials and certification to Government official’s.

Last week days after the ban became effective, John Jamieson, the Director of Standards, Policy & Liaison in the Canberra based, Consumer Product Safety Branch of the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission moved to actually consult with several small businesses who were affected by the ban that is already costing Australian small business thousands of dollars.

JB Hi Fi has already asked distributors to take back more than 100 of the Kaiser Baas hoverboards because of the ban despite their being no evidence that the Kaiser Baas products have been responsible for house fires or that their chargers have burst into flames.

Jamieson who department reports to the Small Business Minister gave suppliers until Tuesday March 29th to request a conference with the ACCC a move that some leading suppliers claim should

Evan Karumbus the CEO of Kaiser Baas, claims that the Ministers action has already hurt legitimate businesses like his while letting rouge Chinese brands continue to trade online and via eBay.

A spokesperson for the Minister admitted that they have no powers to control online eBay sales of questionable and potentially risky hoverboards being sold by rouge Chinese suppliers who in some cases are deliberately stealing legitimate approve C Tick and SAA numbers from approved brands such as Kaiser Baas.

Harvey Norman who have their own in-house compliance officer has worked closely with Kaiser Baas to ensure that all of their certifications and compliance testing has been authenticated claims Kaiser Baas management.

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