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Google Updates Pixel Range, Fixes Android 12 Issues

Android 12 has had a rough roll out across quite a few devices, with the Google Pixel range having more bugs than most. However, the tech giant’s May update has been released, designed to fix issues, including reported weaker vibration on their Pixel 6 range.

Phones ranging from the Pixel 3a up to the 6 range will receive a fix for the display waking up without any contact, as well as the launcher crashing.

According to The Verge, many of their readers preferred the weaker notification vibration. However, users are able to adjust the vibration setting to their liking, meaning if they really want to keep the low vibration, they can.

The update will roll out over the next few weeks, however for those desperate to update, you can sideload the update via the Android Flash Tool.

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