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Google TV Replaces Play Movies App On Android Devices

Google TV has achieved its goal of replacing the Android Movies & TV app on Android and Google televisions. The Google TV application was introduced towards the end of 2020 and has slowly built towards taking over as the in-house content streaming application.

Android Movies & TV had struggled to draw attention away from competing content streaming applications such as Netflix, and the implementation of Google TV seeks to make their own service more relevant.

Android Movies & TV will no longer be accessible starting in May. Users who have bought content on the service will have it transferred over to the Google TV application. The same serves for wish lists, recommendations, and other personal aspects. However, users will no longer be able to purchase or access content through the Android Movies & TV application.

To combat the control over the digital content market that services such as Netflix and Stan have, the Google TV will act as a hub for all streaming subscriptions, as well as act as a digital marketplace for content.

Overall, the change is designed to benefit users, as they are able to access all of their content in one place, rather than traverse several applications looking for content. This feature will only become more relevant as more and more paid subscription services pop up.

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