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Google To Revamp Camera App UI For Pixel 8

There are reports Google is in talks to revamp its camera app UI set to arrive alongside the Google Pixel 8, having been unchanged since the launch of the Pixel 4.

Most of the changes appear more like tweaks, for example how to access settings, and change camera modes.

The first update is a complete separation from photo and video modes, previously mixed together. A newly added switch under the mode selection bar allows the choice of what type of content to shoot.

Another different is that Google have swapped the location of the camera switch button, with the gallery preview button. The settings pop up will also now appear when the screen is swiped from the bottom up, and the new settings icon is located in the bottom left. The location of the dialog hasn’t changed for improved reachability.

There is also the reshuffling of some established modes, in an effort to make features more prominent to those unaware of their existence.

The “Motion” tab was split into “Long Exposure” and “Action Pan.” The modes aren’t new, however they each now have a separate tab increasing visibility.

The “Cinematic Pan” stabilisation mode has also been promoted to its own mode, called “pan.”

The old stabilisation modes menu was removed, favouring the options now housed in the pop-up menu, and available options are standard, active, and locked.

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