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Google Releases Rapid Exploit Fix For Google Chrome On Mac

Googles latest Chrome update was sent out to quickly fix a major issue that was identified on March 23. The aptly titled CVE-2022-1096 bug was discovered by a researcher who chose to remain anonymous and was documented by Google Developer Prudvi Kumar Bomman.

The anonymous researcher found a hole in the browsers V8 JavaScript engine which made it defenceless against threats.

The issue was classed as a “high-severity weakness” by BleepingComputer, which resulted in a quick response by Google.

There are currently no details on the bug and the issue it caused as Google’s policy ensures that bug information doesn’t come out before the issue is fixed and resolved.

The update is now available on PC, Linux and Mac.

Microsoft’s Edge browser also got an update on March 26th. Chromium based browsers such as Brave, Opera and Vivaldi may also be affected. Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox however should not be susceptible to the bug thanks to different codebases.

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