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Google Quietly Launches Redesigned Chromecast

Google announced the release of its next-generation Chromecast device, which has increased its hardware speed by 15%. It was not one of the main devices focused on at the Made by Google event.

Google chose not to focus on the Chromecast at the Made by Google event, instead announcing the updated device on the Google Store and publishing a blog post.

The new Chromecast features an updated design, trading the previous glossier colours and Chrome logo for a matte finish in Charcoal or Chalk with Google’s trademark G.

Google claims the new Chromecast is 15% faster and features support for up to 1080p resolution up to 60fps. This iteration does not offer 4K, so the Chromecast Ultra will remain on offer.

It plugs into TVs via the HDMI port, like the previous generation, and it continues to have a micro-USB power connector. However, a remote is still absent, you will have to use your smartphone as before to stream media app by app only.

This Chromecast is also getting the ability to play music in sync with other speakers connected to Google’s smart devices, however that feature won’t launch until sometime “later this year.”.

There had been rumours of the Chromecast adding Bluetooth support, but that isn’t present on the specifications. Other rumours pointed to stronger Wi-Fi, and while that could still be true, it isn’t mentioned on the spec sheet either.

The new Chromecast will be available in the Google Store reportedly from today in Australia, however at the time of writing purchasing and pricing was not available. US pricing is US$35.

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