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Google Play Store Offers Third-Party Billing In OZ

Australian app developers that use Google’s Play Store will now have an extended choice of billing alternatives.

This follows a raft of legislation and legal action around the world pertaining to Apple and Google’s anticompetitive billing practices on their app stores.

Both Apple App Store and Google Play Store initially required developers to funnel any in-app payments through their own systems, while taking a hefty 30 per cent cut.

Google began supporting billing alternatives earlier this year in areas of Europe, as well as South Korea, in response to new regulations imposed by lawmakers.

Now it is rolling this out in Australia, India, Japan and the rest of Europe.

Google won’t be initially offering alternative payments to gaming apps, or those released by developers who aren’t registered as a business.

It also warns these third-party payment systems may not be as secure as their own.

“Alternative billing systems also may not offer the same protections or payment options and features of Google Play’s billing system — such as parental controls, family payment methods, subscription management, Google Play gift cards, and Play Points,” the company warns.

The new system will be rolled out gradually. Users will be given a choice of numerous payment systems and can then select one.


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