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Google Implement Feature That Identifies Suspicious Data Tracking Apps

Google have updated their Play Store, now requiring app developers to reveal any data that their apps collect from users. Android users will, starting from today, have access to information regarding what data apps are collecting via the Play Store.

While the update has begun today, Google have noted that the rollout will be gradual, as they have given developers until July 20, 2022 to disclose privacy information. Social media applications and other applications that collect large amounts of data are likely to take longer to disclose the information, as opposed to apps less dependent on data collection such as offline games.

Information can be viewed via the “Data Safety” tab and will be broken down into five sections.

  1. Is the app collecting data, and why?
  2. Is that data shared with “third parties”.
  3. Security measures to protect collected data, and if users can request data deletion.
  4. Is the app following the Google Play Family Policy and protecting children’s info?
  5. Does it meet the Mobile Application Security Verification Standard.

Google have wanted to make data information more accessible to their users for sometime now, after announcing plans to make users more aware of data collection in May of last year. Apple’s App Store has a similar “App Privacy” section, which while slightly different in policy, achieves a very similar thing by teaching users how their data is being tracked and collected, allowing them to make better decisions regarding the apps they use.

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