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Google, HTC, Samsung and LG Ink Patent-Protection Agreement

Google have announced that a new agreement is in place to ensure peace between the various vendors who rely on its Android OS for their smartphones, called PAX.

Revealed via their blog, they say that PAX “ensures that innovation and consumer choice—not patent threats—will continue to be key drivers of our Android ecosystem.

Though the exact details and terms of the agreement are unspecified Google says, that “under PAX, members grant each other royalty-free patent licenses covering Android and Google Applications on qualified devices.”

Though PAX is free to join and open to all, most of the big players are already enrolled. Google, Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Foxconn Technology Group, HMD Global, HTC, Coolpad, BQ, and Allview are all accounted for, bringing 230,000 patents to the table.

Google’s Android business VP Jamie Rosenberg says that “already, Android is distributed under open-source licenses that allow anyone to use it for free. This openness has resulted in enormous choice for manufacturers and users. The Android ecosystem has grown to include more than 400 partner manufacturers and 500 carriers who have produced more than 4,000 major devices in the last year alone with an astounding 1.6 billion active users.”

“We believe PAX will further expand the openness of Android for its members, promoting patent peace that will free up time and money for members, who can then dedicate those resources to creating new ideas,” he said.

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