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Gigabyte Launches Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – AORUS K1

Gigabyte Technology, which specialises in gaming tech and accessories, has launched a new mechanical gaming keyboard – the AORUS K1. This keyboard quickly and accurately captures each finger movement, providing the responsiveness and accuracy needed for gaming.

The AORUS K1 is built with a Cherry MX Red switches, made by the German computer peripheral-device maker Cherry. Cherry MX is widely considered the best keyboard switch for gamers, and the Cherry MX Red in particular is known for not being clicky and quieter than most. In addition, they are very light, only requiring 45 grams of force to actuate.

The keyboard is equipped with anti-ghosting capabilities, meaning a user can press many keys at the same time and have them all register, which is very important for fast gameplay.

As a sign of its durability, this keyboard offers a service life of over 100 million hits for the keys.

The AORUS K1 is stylish too, with RGB Fusion 2.0 technology that allows users to choose from some 16.7 million different colours, as well as from a selection of pre-set lighting modes. If you have other AORUS gaming accessories, the RGB Fusion 2.0 lighting can be synchronised across devices.

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