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CES 2014: Intel Bottle Warmer, Smart Mug + Biometic Earbuds

CES 2014: Intel Bottle Warmer, Smart Mug + Biometic Earbuds

Intel Smart Ear buds

As Intel look to shed its image as a boring chip maker, its seeking to ignite the wearable tech industry with a slew of smart devices in every shape and form – from a smartwatch, light-up smart mug, to a bottle warmer and biometic earphones that measure heart rates and other fitness info, as it looks to compute everything. And anything.  

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich announced its goal to bring to the market an army of smart wearable technology, powered by tiny Intel chips. 
 “Wearables are not everywhere today because they aren’t yet solving real problems and they aren’t yet integrated with our lifestyles,” said Krzanich. 
“We’re focused on addressing this engineering innovation challenge. Our goal is, if something computes and connects, it does it best with Intel inside.” 

“Always on” smart headset

However, the actual usefulness of many of the new wearable tech devices doing the rounds has been questioned, considering many of them don’t come cheap.  Do we really need a smart mug? 

Unveiled at Intel press conference at CES yesterday, were Intel based smart earbuds that acts as a personal coach, automatically selecting music that matches the target heart rate profile, an “always on” smart headset with a personal assistant called Jarvis, and a smart wireless charging bowl, where you just drop a device into the bowl and bingo!, it will recharge. 

Speaking of charging, plans to develop “no wires” wireless charging technology across mobiles, tablets and notebooks were also revealed at Intel’s tech show. 

Intel smartwatch has geo fencing capabilities, meaning it can locate the owner based on movement but unlike Samsung’s  Galaxy Gear, doesn’t have to be hooked up to a smartphone. 

A smart bottle warmer made by Rest Devices was also showcased, which uses Edison, Intel new Quark technology – a computer housed in an teeny, tiny SD card form factor and featuring Intel processor and microcontroller core. It supports multiple operating systems. 

Krzanich also announced the IT giant is also hooking up with trendy partners Barneys New York, the Council of Fashion Designers of America and international design house Opening Ceremony to develop fashionable tech wares.