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Panasonic: ‘Worlds Greenest’ Techie

The Japanese electronics giant has been ranked as the 4th ‘Best Global Green Brand’ 2013 by U.S. brand consultancy Interbrand. 

The EcoNavi creator is now the greenest electronics company in the world, according to Interbrand.
Panasonic says it’s an exciting achievement for the brand, which has jumped up two ranks since last year – its highest ranking ever. 
Nokia and Dell also made it into the top 10, followed by Sony at No 11.  
Car companies Toyota, Ford and Honda were named the top three greenest brands in the globe. 
This is the third green brand ranking by Interbrand, evaluated on the corporate environmental performance and public perception of ‘green’ credentials.

It sells a slew of appliances in OZ, with EcoNavi technology including washing machines,  air conditioners and fridges. 

Panasonic President Kazuhiro Tsuga set the eco tone this year with his 2013 CES  keynote address, highlighting commitment to innovative, eco-friendly solutions, according to Interbrand. 
In November, Panasonic unveiled a wide range of Eco Navi products, complete with “China Environmental Labeling Type II,” the highest environmental protection product issued by the Chinese government 
However, Interbrand noted lack of consumer awareness around Pana’s green credentials, globally:

For the last two years, Panasonic’s global perception score has lagged behind its performance score, and 2013 unfortunately sees little change. While in Japan the brand is recognized as a leader, this is not the case elsewhere.”

Recently, it also opened of state-of-the-art factories in India, Brazil, and Vietnam, announcing it would be supplying batteries for Toyota Motor’s eQ Electric Vehicle, as well as launching a Smart Home Energy System in Japan. 

By 2018, Panasonic aims to be the number one “Green Innovation” company. To mark its 100th birthday, it recently confirmed its commitment to a UNESCO partnership protecting world sites.