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Gaming Notebooks To Notch Single Digit Growth In 2018

Competition in the global gaming notebook market is forecast to intensify in 2018, with shipments expected to grow by single-digits in 2018.

According to Taiwainese trade publication, DigiTimes, global shipments of gaming notebooks came in lower-than-expected in 2017, notching about 5 million units.

Recent reports forecast that demand for gaming notebooks in 2018 is only expected to notch limited growth, citing new entrants who are cutting prices, and overall more intense competition.

The news comes are vendors are reportedly increasing their investments in product development in this area.

According to DigiTimes, back in 2016 many notebook vendors asked their ODMs to “copy” gaming product designs from leading manufacturers such as Asus, however, such a strategy has been deemed largely unsuccessful.

Last year, both HP & Dell reportedly increased their investments in gaming notebooks, and moved pricing to a more attractive US$899 – US$1,099 in a bid to sweep up market share.

Recent statistics show that Asus and MSI have maintained their dominance in the gaming notebook market, remaining within the US$1,299-1,799 price segment.

Early last year, some vendors estimates that by adopting Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 1050 with better graphics cards, they would be able to push shipments ups to 5.5 million, however, the end result came in short at 5 million.

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