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Galaxy Watch 7 Health Feature Starts Rolling Out To Older Watches

With Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event just around the corner, fans are expecting to see the new Galaxy Watch 7, as well as the first Galaxy Watch Ultra.

Announced earlier this year was a highly anticipated feature, set to bring sleep apnea detection to the models.

What’s new is that it appears Samsung won’t keep the feature for the newer devices, as older watch models have started to receive the tool.

Users with the One UI Watch 6 beta have seen the tool arrive, according to 9to5Google, via the companion Health Monitor smartphone app.

The app confirms the feature can be accessed on watches as old as the Galaxy Watch 4. The main requisite is the blood oxygen sensor.

The app revealed the feature will “track how many relative decreases in blood oxygen you have during sleep and see whether it’s enough to indicate moderate to severe obstructive sleep apnea.”

It’s been claimed that two nights of measuring will provide results, and then the feature will automatically turn off.

Samsung revealed the sleep apnea monitor was cleared for use as a medical-grade device in the US, but it remains unclear whether UK or Australian users will get the feature.

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