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Galaxy S9 Cuddles Up To Kids With New Disney AR Emojis

Samsung has amped up the kid-friendly factor of its latest smartphones, the Galaxy S9/S9+, following a partnership with Disney, which has brought Mickey and Minnie Mouse “to life” as 3D emojis.

Following its Australian launch on March 16th, the new Galaxy S9/S9+ offers a ‘AR Emoji’ mode, utilising ‘deep learning’ and facial recognition technologies to transform a person’s face into a 3D avatar.

Adding further customisation, users can control the avatar’s facial expressions to create shareable GIFs/memes.

Other animated characters are also pre-loaded onto the device – e.g. a cute bunny and kitten – and now Disney’s AR Emoji range will further compliment this.

More Disney characters are scheduled to rollout through the year, including characters from movies such as; Frozen, Zootopia and The Incredibles.

Consumers can custom create GIFs using the new Disney AR Emoji characters – no doubt likely to excite children and families.

Vice President of Apps at Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media, John Love, affirms the innovation will help capture a “new generation of fans”.


Samsung Electronics CMO and Executive Vice President, Younghee Lee, will enable Samsung smartphones to capitalise on the growing trend of communication via emojis:

“With more than 6 billion emojis sent daily, our goal with developing AR Emoji was to provide a fun, exciting way to communicate and a new way to bring animated images to life”

“We knew there was no one better to partner with than Disney – creator of some of the most beloved characters in history – to make our AR Emojis the happiest faces on earth and give our users access to the most popular characters to share with friends across platforms”.

Consumers can now download the new Disney AR Emojis to their Galaxy S9/S9+ camera.

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