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Free TV Australia Calls For Urgent Review Of Sports Anti-Siphoning List

Free TV Australia has launched a new campaign highlighting the importance of free-to-air television in Australia, especially in areas with patchy internet services.

“Events at home and abroad over recent years have underlined how important it is for regional and rural communities to be well served with reliable TV services on a robust commercial footing,” Free TV CEO Bridget Fair said.

“We are living through an age of great innovation in the delivery of TV services, especially through the new streaming platforms. Clarity from government is essential to ensure the people of regional and rural Australia will be able to access these services far into the future.”

Free TV conducted research that shows that 67 per cent of Australians agree that “free sport on television is in the public interest.” The organisation is calling for an urgent review of the sports anti-siphoning list, and regulations to force smart TV manufacturers to put Aussie free-to-air apps in an easy-to-find location on the TV.

“Equal access to news and sport for all Australians is something we can all say we support, but that needs to be backed up by government action,” Fair said.

“This is about access to the news and sport services that people deserve, and about guaranteeing a sustainable future for the commercial broadcasters that work tirelessly to serve their communities.

“TV delivers moments of national unity like no other medium, and the legislative framework for broadcasting should reflect Australian values by offering fair and equitable access for everyone.”

The Australian anti-siphoning list ensures that certain sporting events remain on free-to-air TV. Currently, the list includes AFL and NRL games, The Melbourne Cup, the Olympics, The Australian Open, the Commonwealth Games, and numerous other important matches.


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