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Foxtel’s News Streaming Service Flash Launches Today

From today, Australians will have on-demand access to over twenty leading television news station through Foxtel’s Flash, the company’s third streaming service, following the success of Kayo and Binge.

CEO Patrick Delaney says Flash is “putting consumers in charge of their own news preferences. It presents a ­diversity of news sources, and people can seek out what they want.”

“We’re not going to change any of the editorial context of these news brands,” Delany explained.

“The whole point is to put them in the one place, fairly, in front of Australia.

“It will be more than simply aggregating live channels. Our experience and technology platform gives us the ability to draw on successful Kayo features and innovations to provide an outstanding news experience for our subscribers.

“This is about putting consumers in charge – you can go down whichever news avenues you want.”

Foxtel will also be adding further channels and features to Flash over the next few months.

Kate DeBrito, who will be heading up the editorial team at Flash, confirmed at a media launch yesterday that entertainment channel People will soon be added.

Also coming is access to Flash through popular gaming consoles, such as the Sony PlayStation, which has proven popular with Kayo users.

Flash is available across Australia from today, and is priced at $8 a month. Or, as the Foxtel team reasoned, the price of two cups of coffee. There are no lock in contracts, and you can register and get watching in under five minutes.

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