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Fortnite Returns To iOS Thanks To Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud

Microsoft, as they continue to bolster their Xbox Services, have expanded their Xbox Cloud Gaming service to iOS, once again allowing users to play Fortnite on their iPhone and iPad after it was removed from the Apple’s App Store.

Xbox Cloud Gaming is a way for users to play their favourite games without the need for installation Membership is not required to play Fortnite as it’s a free game.

Microsoft allowing iPhone users to once again to play Fortnite on their mobile device is a kick in the guts for Apple, who are currently in a legal battle with the games developer, Epic Games, who filed an anti-trust complaint against them. Apple as a result, removed the game from their App store, and has no plans to reintroduce it.

Credit: Epic Games

Cloud based gaming is on the rise, allowing users to play intensive and new games without having to invest in a powerful computer. Revenue is expected to reach $5 billion USD by 2023, with 23 million paying users.

Nvidia GeForce NOW, a rival to Xbox Cloud Gaming, has just entered closed beta, and is looking to bring Fortnite to iOS. Xbox Cloud Gaming is also currently in beta.

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