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Fitbit Wages War On Snoring, But Not All Users Can Rest Easy

If you’ve got a Fitbit Sense or Versa 3 your device can now monitor for sounds at night, including snoring. But if you’re using the recently released Luxe or Charge 5 models you won’t have this tool as only the models mentioned have the microphone needed.

The feature first came to light in May when the details were glimpsed in the installation files for the Android App for Fitbit, but the tool has only just become available to use.

To activate it, open the app and tap your sleep record. This will deliver an option to check for snoring. It will monitor for the volume of noise in your room at night, specifically snoring.

Of course, snoring in general isn’t anything to worry about – unless someone you’re next to sounds like a freight train – but things cold be more serious if your own snoring leaves you feeling tired in the morning.

If you own one of the compatible watches and can’t see the snore detection option don’t worry, it appears to be rolling out gradually, so you should get access soon.

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