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Firefox Creator Slams Big Tech’s Browser Practices

Mozilla, developer of the Firefox Internet browser, has slammed the working practices of Apple, Microsoft, and Google, saying they purposefully make it hard for users to choose open-source web browsers like Firefox on their various devices and platforms.

The trio makes it “difficult or impossible for a consumer to switch browsers,” by setting their own browsers as defaults and baking them into operating systems.

“This matters because there are only three main browser engine providers left: Google, Apple and Mozilla – but Apple’s engine only runs on Apple devices,” Mozilla wrote in a report.

“So, without Mozilla, the only cross-platform browser engine would be provided by Google.

“Putting the development of cross-platform web browsers in the hands of a single company creates not only a concentration of power, but also a single point of failure.”

Firefox currently commands a biblical 3.16 per cent global market share, compared to Google Chrome’s 65.52 per cent, Apple Safari’s 18.78 per cent, and Microsoft Edge’s 4.3 per cent market share.

Even when Firefox is downloaded and chosen as the new default, this is not assured.

“The operating system provider will in some scenarios bypass this decision and present their own browser rather than the selected default and in other cases it will seek to undermine or reverse this decision,” Mozilla complained.

Mozilla called upon regulators “to enforce the laws which already exist and the laws and regulations which will soon come into force”.

“Regulators, policymakers and lawmakers have spent considerable time and resources investigating digital markets.

“They should, therefore, be in a good position to recognise the importance of browser competition and to act to prevent further harm to consumers from continued inaction and competitive stagnation.”


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